Give your 100%

A Boy and a Girl were Playing Together,The Boy had a Collection of Marbles..and The Girl had some Sweets with Her..!

The Boy told the Girl that;”he will give her all His Marbles In Exchange for Her Sweets..”

The Girl Agreed;The Boy kept the biggest and the most Beautiful Marble Aside;and gave the Rest to the Girl..!But The Girl gave Him all Her Sweets as She had Promised.. 🙂

That Night, the Girl Slept Peacefully,But the Boy couldn’t Sleep as He kept WonderingIf the Girl had Hidden some Sweets from Himthe Way He had Hidden His best Marble..  🙁

->Moral of the Story:If you don’t give your 100% in a Relationship,you’ll always keep Doubting;If the Other Person has Given His/Her 100% !!

This is Applicable for any Relationship;Give Ur 100% to Everything U do & Sleep Peacefully..! 🙂